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RACONTEUR Art Show & Vernissage at Black Squirrel Books

Once upon a midnight dreary…

Join us on October 4th at Black Squirrel Books & Tea, and let the RACONTEUR tell you a story.

This art show is a selection of pieces from my Crows of Ottawa, Moon, October, The Crows, and Rùnach series, that have been assembled to create a visual narrative for you to experience.

A special pairing of art and music begins at 9 pm, with a performance by ambient/drone guitarist, Shane Whitbread. Shane’s soundscapes have been inspirational to and influential on my work, and many of my pieces have been painted to his recordings. This evening you will have the unique opportunity to experience the artwork in the atmosphere in which it was created.

I invite you to come see through my mind’s eye. ~Sheena

Art will be on display for the month of October, 2015.

Vernissage details

Hear Shane Whitbread live

Visit Black Squirrel Books & Tea


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