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Malanka in July

I had such a memorable time as the Visual Arts Instructor for the 2016 Pokrova Children's Ukrainian Arts Camp. Our theme this year was "Malanka in July."

The Arts Camp ran a week long, where the children explored Ukrainian culture through singing, dancing, acrylic painting, mask making, building motanka (dolls) and felted bears, learned to bake traditional Ukrainian foods, and even hosted a vernissage and performance for the public!

I had the pleasure of working with one of THE MOST enthusiastic, conscientious, multi-talented, hard-working, inspiring, disciplined, motivated, respectful, and FEARLESS group of people that I have ever encountered. And they are ages 6-12.

Congratulations to all involved in Pokrova Camp 2016! Hats-off to the kids and everyone on the team who made magic happen this week. It was such a pleasure working with all of you and oh so memorable! A very special mention to Chrystia Chudczak and Miroslawa Bilaniuk; you two women are an inspiration. Thank you for doing what you are doing for the community and for our future generations. Thank you for the gift of Pokrova Camp!

~Sheena Kalmakova

Visual Arts Instructor

Pokrova Camp 2016 Visual Arts

Project: Masks built from scratch. Project: Paintings created with palette-knives. NO PAINTBRUSHES! Master Class: Palette-knife painting of subjects in motion.


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