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Guest at Lord Aylmer School

This week I was invited by the students and staff at Lord Aylmer Elementary School for a visit.

The grade 5 & 6 classes were studying Canadian Abstract Art and worked on a project where the class selected an artist and each student reproduced a piece by the artist. I was honoured when I got an email from the class that they had chosen my work to study, and invited me to come visit with them to see the artwork when it was completed.

When I arrived at the school, there were reproductions of my paintings hanging on every wall, and students excited to show me their artwork. It was so incredible to visit with every student and chat about their pieces, and about art and artists. It was truly a heart-melting experience, and a visit that I will always remember.

Thank you Lord Aylmer students and staff for your overwhelming support and enthusiasm for art and artists. I look very forward to visiting again, and perhaps painting together sometime!

~Sheena Kalmakova



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