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Exhibiting at Kevin Dodds Gallery in Ottawa

Excited to announce that a selection of Sheena Kalmakova's work is now on display at Kevin Dodds Gallery & Studio, in Ottawa, Canada!

This bright new gallery near the Glebe showcases Kevin’s work as well as the artwork of over 20 very talented local artists:

Jill Alexander, John Archer, Marie Arsenault, Heather Bale, Kerry Milligan Bendin, Linda Bergeron Baril, Amanda Bowden, Bent Charbonneau, Malcolm Cowell, Bev Durand, Rick Gagne, Christiane Kingsley, Claude Marquis, Robert Murrell, Luminita Serbanescu, Sawsan Shorbajee, Graham Spaull, and Monika Wieczoreek-Lucak.

Kevin Dodds is an internationally acclaimed artist and teacher, who has been creating unique pieces of art for over 20 years. His work has appeared in many exhibitions, galleries and ​​museums worldwide including; McCord Museum in Montreal, Plattsburg Museum of Art in New York, The Dulles State Office Building in Watertown, Parliament of Canada Hall of Honour and the Canadian Museum of Civilization. His work has also appeared along side James Earl Jones in the motion picture “Undercover Angel”, and PBS television and other broadcasters have produced various documentaries of his work. Kevin has also created illustrations for the children’s book series “Medieval Times”.

1101 Bank Street, near Sunnyside in Ottawa

Monday to Sunday, from 11 am to 6 pm

Phone: 613-695-6900


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